Many experts have suggested about 40 percent of Americans experience sciatica at least once throughout the course of their lives. If you’re not familiar with it, sciatica is a specific type of back pain that affects the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back down to the back of both of your legs. Slipped or herniated disks in your back can put pressure on your sciatic nerve and cause a sharp, shooting pain to travel from your back down to your buttock and leg area. Jacquette Chiropractic Office SC can offer you sciatica treatment that will provide real relief for your symptoms.

It’s a debilitating condition for many of the people who suffer from it. It can make it difficult for them to walk around normally, much less work or take part in exercises and other physical activities. Jacquette Chiropractic Office SC can make the pain associated less noticeable and work towards eliminating them altogether. By coming up with the right treatment and offering you the right adjustments, we can help you lead a more normal and pain-free life.

There are about three million people who are diagnosed with sciatica every year. If you have one of the common symptoms, including lower back pain, hip pain, a burning sensation in the leg area, or weakness and numbness in the legs, Jacquette Chiropractic Office SC can work to find a sciatica treatment for you. We erase the shooting pain in your buttock and leg area through spinal adjustments and help you get back up on your feet again. We can work on those of all ages and stop sciatica from ruining their lives.

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