Preventative Chiropractic Care


The care we give our bodies is essential for how we feel, how well our bodies perform, and how well we bounce back from physical and emotional challenges such as stress, injury, and illness. Look to our preventative chiropractic care to help you avoid chronic pain and suffering, or to improve your overall quality of life. 

Use Preventative Care to Avoid Chronic Conditions

Back, neck, & hip pain
Muscle pain or spasms
Joint pain or stiffness
Pinched nerves
Herniated disks
Sports injuries
Carpal tunnel

Build a Healthier You

Stop chronic pain and age-related musculoskeletal conditions before they start. Understanding the true challenges that your body is facing is key to developing an approach that protects your body and elevates your efforts to stay strong and healthy.  

Beginning with Jacquette Chiropractic is just the start for building a healthier you. We are able to offer you nutritional guidance and supplement recommendations tailored to your individual health needs.  

Prevent Issues with Routine Adjustments & Chiropractic Care

Visiting us for regular spinal adjustments and participating in a nutritional guidance program helps you to live stronger and healthier at various stages of life. Let us help you invest in your most important asset – YOU.  

Protect the Health of Your Family

Our vast range of experience as chiropractors allows us to provide more specialized treatment to different age groups, body types, and conditions. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more about any of the chiropractic services below. 

Pregnancy chiropractic
Children’s chiropractic
Senior citizen chiropractic
Spinal adjustments
Stress relief
Nutritional guidance
Nutritional supplements from Anabolic Labs